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#define PFS_OP_CREATE   0x01
#define PFS_OP_GETATTR  0x02
#define PFS_OP_MKDIR    0x03
#define PFS_OP_READ     0x04
#define PFS_OP_READDIR  0x05
#define PFS_OP_REMOVE   0x06
#define PFS_OP_RENAME   0x07
#define PFS_OP_RMDIR    0x08
#define PFS_OP_SETATTR  0x09
#define PFS_OP_WRITE    0x0a
#define PFS_OP_GETDEVS  0x0b
/* The same as getattr without the stat (for linkcount purposes */
#define PFS_OP_STATDEV  0x0c

/* Only for the new nfsc */
#define PFS_OP_TTYDATA  0x0d
#define PFS_OP_EXEC     0x0e
#define PFS_OP_ECHO     0x0f
#define PREFIX    0x80

#define SOFTFLOW_PREFIX 0x01
#define SOFTFLOW_START  0x02
#define SOFTFLOW_STOP   0x03
#define SOFTFLOW_RSTART 0x11  /* ^Q */
#define SOFTFLOW_RSTOP  0x13  /* ^S */

typedef struct p_inode
  int inode;
  char *name;
  struct p_inode *nextnam, *nextnum;
} p_inode;

struct device
  char *name;
  unsigned char attrib[14];
  int total, free;
  struct device *next;

/* data cache */
struct dcache
  struct dcache *next;
  unsigned char *data;
  unsigned int offset, len;
  int towrite;

/* attribute cache */
struct cache
  struct cache *next;
  unsigned int inode;
  int actual_size;
  struct dcache *dcache;
  fattr attr;

struct entrycache
  int inode;
  entry *head;
  struct entrycache *next;

extern int psionfd, debug, gmtoffset, exiting, psion_alive, dowakeup,
           old_nfsc, masterfd, query_cache, background, series5, soft_flow,
extern fattr root_fattr;
extern char *disconnprog, *connprog;
extern struct cache *datacache, *attrcache;

#ifdef __SVR4
#define bzero(a,b) memset(a,0,b)
#define bcopy(a,b,c) memcpy(b,a,c)
#define bcmp(a,b,n) memcmp(a,b,n)
#define index strchr
#define rindex strrchr

#if !defined(__STDC__)
extern char *index(), *rindex(), *strdup();

#define THE_END        (struct entry *)-1
// NFS Buffer size. The localhost should ask for/send this size of packets.
// On linux values smaller than 1024 are not accepted, and default to 4k.
//#define PBUFSIZE       8192
#define PBUFSIZE       1024

#define TIMEOUT       -54
// Simulated fs blocksize on the psion
#define BLOCKSIZE      1024
#define FID            7 /* File system id */

#if defined(sun) && defined(__SVR4)
 * at least /opt/SUNWspro/bin/cc on Solaris 2.4 likes these:
# define SIGARG (int arg)
# define SIGARG ()

#if defined(sun) && defined(__STDC__) && !defined(__SVR4)
# include "sun_stdlib.h"
# define __P(a) a

#ifndef __P
#  if defined(__STDC__)
#    define __P(a) a
#  else
#    define __P(a) ()
#  endif

/* mp_main.c */
#if defined(hpux) || defined(__SVR4)
      /* HPUX 10.20 declares int usleep( useconds_t useconds); */
#  ifndef HPUX10
     extern void usleep __P((int usec));
#  endif

/* mp_serial.c */
int init_serial __P(());
int init_tcp __P(());
int fd_is_still_alive __P((int fd, int wake));
void reset_serial __P((int fd));

/* crc.c */
int docrc16 __P((unsigned char *, int));

/* mp_mount.c */
void mount_and_run __P((char *dir, char *dev, void (*proc)(), mynfs_fh *root_fh));

/* mp_inode.c */
extern p_inode *get_num __P((int));
extern p_inode *get_nam __P((char *));
extern p_inode *re_nam __P((char *, char *));
extern void inode2fh __P((int, char *));

extern char *dirname __P((char *));
extern char *filname __P((char *));
extern char *build_path __P((char *, char *));

extern int fh2inode __P((char *));
extern int getpinode __P((p_inode *inode));
extern char *iso2cp __P((char *));
extern char *cp2iso __P((char *));

extern struct cache *add_cache __P((struct cache **, unsigned int, fattr *));
extern void          rem_cache __P((struct cache **, unsigned int));
extern void          clean_cache __P((struct cache **));
extern struct cache *search_cache __P((struct cache *, unsigned int));

extern struct dcache *add_dcache __P((struct cache *, unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned char *));
extern void           clean_dcache __P((struct cache *));
extern struct dcache *search_dcache __P((struct cache *, unsigned int, unsigned int));

/* mp_xmit.c */
int sendop __P((int cmd, char *fname, char *rest, int restlen));
int getstr __P((char *str));
int getanswer __P((void));
void shell_feed __P((int));
void init_pty __P((void));
int sendcmd __P((int cmd, char *fname, char *rest, int restlen));
int getcount __P((unsigned char *str, int num));
int senddata __P((char *p, int len));
void long2pstr __P((unsigned int l, unsigned char *s));
void short2pstr __P((unsigned int l, unsigned char *s));
unsigned int pstr2long __P((unsigned char *s));

/* mp_pfs_ops.c */
void *nfsproc_null_2 __P((void));
void *nfsproc_root_2 __P((void));
void *nfsproc_writecache_2 __P((void));
nfsstat *nfsproc_link_2 __P((struct linkargs *la));
nfsstat *nfsproc_rmdir_2 __P((struct diropargs *da));
nfsstat *nfsproc_remove_2 __P((struct diropargs *da));
nfsstat *nfsproc_rename_2 __P((struct renameargs *ra));
nfsstat *nfsproc_symlink_2 __P((struct symlinkargs *sa));
struct readres *nfsproc_read_2 __P((struct readargs *ra));
struct attrstat *nfsproc_write_2 __P((struct writeargs *wa));
struct diropres *nfsproc_mkdir_2 __P((struct createargs *ca));
struct diropres *nfsproc_create_2 __P((struct createargs *ca));
struct diropres *nfsproc_lookup_2 __P((struct diropargs *da));
struct attrstat *nfsproc_getattr_2 __P((struct mynfs_fh *fh));
struct attrstat *nfsproc_setattr_2 __P((struct sattrargs *sa));
struct statfsres *nfsproc_statfs_2 __P((struct mynfs_fh *fh));
struct readdirres *nfsproc_readdir_2 __P((struct readdirargs *ra));
struct readlinkres *nfsproc_readlink_2 __P((struct mynfs_fh *fh));

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