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to mount the file systems on the Psion/Symbian PDA/Phone
P3nfsd is a Symbian (Psion/Nokia/Sony-Ericsson/etc) to UNIX/Linux
communication program. It allows you to mount the file systems of
the Phone/PDA on your UNIX machine. This means that you see all
the filesystems of the Phone/PDA as a filesystem on your UNIX
machine and you can copy/backup/edit any file on the Phone/PDA
with your preferred tools on the UNIX machine.
Supported devices are:
- UIQ phones over infrared, bluetooth or the USB cradle
(e.g. Sony Ericsson P800 or P900, Motorola A920, BenQ P30)
- Series 60 phones over infrared or bluetooth
(e.g. Nokia 6600,7650,3650,N-Gage; Siemens SX1; Samsung SGH-D700)
- Series 80 phones over cable or infrared
(Nokia Communicator: 9210/9210i/9210c/9290)
- Psion PDA's over cable or infrared
(e.g. Psion 5/5mx/netpad/netBook/Series 7/MC218/revo/mako)
- EPOC16 over cable
(Psion 3/3a/3c/3mx/Siena/Workabout)
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